[Breakout Session Workshop 45 minutes up to 2 full days]

The number one cause of failure in sales is “creative avoidance”.  Salespeople are constantly torn between the support work required to fulfill their service to their customers and going out to prospect for new business.  Sales training is important to the success of a great salesperson, but what’s more important is cultivating a habit of self-discipline.  The real secret to success in sales is being able to do the things you don’t want to do.  Executive sales consultant and sales coach Rory Vaden shares a customizable combination of motivation and sales training techniques to help your producers reach the next level.

After hearing Rory’s practical and empowering speech, your salespeople will:

         - Overcome their call reluctance and take immediate prospecting action.
         - Become more focused on their critical success factors.
         - Feel comfortable and confident asking for the sale.
         - Have tools for dealing with gatekeepers, qualifying correctly, and selling on value      
           over price.
         - Be disciplined about controlling their activity and their attitudes
         - Be more disciplined and Take the Stairs more often in the mall, the airport, and in
           life situations.