Main Stage Speech [45 - 90 minutes]

Companies and organizations that make the leap to greatness have an almost fanatical mindset and mission of making short-term sacrifices for a long-term vision.  It drives every part of their business, including accounting, hiring, training, leadership, marketing and more.  But if you look in MBA curriculums or HR training programs, you won’t find anything that teaches leaders this pivotal skill.  Here you will learn practical steps from entrepreneur and motivational speaker Rory Vaden for infusing your organization with a mentality of discipline.

After hearing Rory’s challenging and thought-provoking speech, your leaders will:

          -  Develop stronger systems of accountability for measuring activity and results.
          -  Critically evaluate every instance of company spending.
          -  Have a game plan for popularizing the paradigm of discipline within the 
          -  Be equipped to clarify the “Pain Paradox” for their team to get buy-in.
          -  Enthusiastically adopt and model an attitude of discipline.
          -  Be more disciplined and Take the Stairs more often in the mall, the airport, and in 
              life situations.