[Breakout Session Workshop 45 minutes - 2 hours]

350 million people are on Facebook, 76 million are on Linked In, and the Tweeters are growing at an exponential rate.  Social Media is not a fad, but an inevitable medium of future business communication. Yet some people are full of star-gazed cyber myths of becoming overnight millionaires or making their brand an overnight internet phenomenon.  Some have the improper expectation that it’s the next “escalator” to success.  It’s important to understand the reality of what social media will and won’t do and, most importantly, how to use social media effectively in your business.  Social media expert Rory Vaden shares the discipline of managing these new tools to get real results for your business.

After hearing Rory’s entertaining and educational program, your audience will:

      - Understand blogs, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter and how to use them for business.
      - Know how to grow their personal network to generate warm business leads.
      - Be able to use social media for free marketing, brand building, and effective follow up
      - Create a 30 minute to-do list for how to maximize their daily social media use.
      - Be more disciplined and Take the Stairs more often in the mall, the airport, and in life