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The 3 Basic Elements of an Automated Revenue Machine

digital marketing

How do I make money online?

Can social media really generate leads for my business?

Do we need to have a blog or podcast to be successful online? 

What is the best way to get traffic to my website? 

How does it all fit together?

These are common questions that small business owners are asking more and more as the world moves digital. 

So I figured I’d layout the high level view of how digital marketing works since we at Southwestern Consulting consider it as “online selling.”

There are three core components of a successful digital marketing (online selling) strategy for a small business. You must have all three in place if you want to maximize your potential. 

1. Conversion – This is the most important but the most commonly overlooked of the three. It’s the most important because it is your strategy for how to convert a visitor to your site into a follower, then into a fan, then into a customer. The best strategy for doing this is using a combination of pdfs, emails, surveys, videos, and nurture campaigns. There is a lot of psychology here and strategy that is much more important than what technology you use. 

2. Content – Before you can ever convert someone into an inbound lead or a paying customer, you have to first build trust with them. The best way you do that is by putting out value added content that helps them solve their problems and answers their questions… for free. This may seem counter intuitive at first but the best way to prove you can help someone solve their problem is to give them free advice to actually help them solve their problem. The better your content the more consistent your conversion. 

3. Traffic – This is the one that everyone spends their time on but in my opinion is what you should do last. Yes you need traffic, yes SEO matters, yes there is a lot to learn and a lot of information out there about getting visitors to your site. However, what good is it if a bunch of people come to your site but you have nothing easily available to offer them, no strategy for presenting it to them, and no way of measuring whether or not your efforts are working? It’s just vanity traffic. 

You would never start a bakery shop and have your grand opening before you had all your equipment setup, a fully trained staff, basic business systems, and most of all bread and pastries available on the shelves to sell. Yet in the digital age, small business owners do it all the time. 

They throw up a website and focus on driving traffic and even buying ads or paying for search without having thought through any such strategy for building a lasting relationship with their visitors and nurturing them towards an eventual sale. 

There is a system and science to using online marketing to drive revenue for your business. 

If you’re interested in learning more check out this free course I’ve put together for you on how to build an automated revenue machine by CLICKING HERE.